MARVIN RAINWATER The Rock-a-billy King

Hey you Hep Cats……………………pay attention here!
Marvin Rainwater is
The Rockabilly King!

In the early days of rockabilly, rock and roll music was being invented over and over every day.
Names like Elvis, The Big Bopper,Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Bill Black,Roy Orbison, Charlie Rich,Conway Twitty, Narvel Felts, and many more were writing and rewriting the music and lyrics of a generation. Johnny Horton was playing a country -rockabilly sound that the world couldn’t get enough of. Our guy Marvin was on top of the charts with “Bluebird” and “Whole Lotta Woman” and many more, not only in the US, but all over the world. Appearing on concert tours with every Rock n Roll star you can think of, Marvin was right there at the beginning of rock music. His Rockabilly classic songs such as “Mr. Blues” and” Hot and Cold” have assured Marvin Rainwater a place forever in the hearts of rockabilly fans! Even Mike Ness of the Punk Rock Group “Social Distortion” has honored Marvin as a major musical influence by including “Gamblin Man” on his latest album “Under The Influences.” Country, Rockabilly,Pop, and Rock and Roll have all been influenced by Marvins creative touch! Today , the saga continues! Star billing at such venues as Hembsy, Viva Las Vegas 2001 and Americana 2001, and feature status on such shows as Otto Fuchs Rocket 88 definitely keep reminding the world of the status of Marvin Rainwater…..”The Rockabilly King”!

With a Heart…..With a Beat
….. on MGM
The most sought after Marvin Rainwater Rockabilly album
Mint copies sell for more than $200.00!
Staying Young Marvin Style!

“Rockabilly Music Is The Fountain of Youth”! I’ve heard that out of Marvin’s mouth more than once!
While other men his age are retired, or just sitting around getting old, Marvin continues to remain ageless. Why? A couple of reasons….living the good life in Minnesota’s , hunting and gardening help for sure! Being married to a beautiful, kind woman who happens to be a bit younger is a big help too!

After all, as Marvin says, “You’re only as old as the woman you’re out with!” But the most important reason Marvin is so ageless is Rockabilly Music! With a brand new CD coming out soon consisting of all new, mindblasting , grinding, rocking, roaring Rockabilly, Marvin sounds younger and more vital than he ever has ! He’s a joy to be around, and hard to keep up with! Maybe its all the vitamins he takes.

German Rockabilly Group
Performing Marvins’
“Mr. Blues
Multi million selling sheet music
BILLBOARD fullpage ad from April 7, 1958 and MGM Promotional 45 of same
Moanin’ The Blues
In Darn Good Company!!!!
Some Rare Early Albums
Mgm Rockabilly T-Shirt
Featuring Marvin
Rare Collectable
Marvin’s feature story in Charletons
“Cowboy Songs”
Viva Las Vegas 2001 4/15/2001
Narvel Felts (Narvel the Marvel)
Bob Timmers (Rockabilly Hall of Fame Curator)
Marvin Rainwater (The Rockabilly King)


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